The University Research Statistical Center (URSC) shall serve as the statistical center of the university. The creation of the center addresses the need for a unit that would provide statistical assistance and related services to the University and its stakeholders. It also endeavors to aid researchers, students, and other collaborative institution at producing high-quality researches with sound and reliable data. The center shall provide clients a systematic way of requesting for assistance and assignment of experts that would most appropriately address their concerns.

Specific Functions

The specific functions of the URSC are:

  1. To accommodate statistical consultancy and advising requests from students, faculty, researchers, instructors, and external clienteles;
  2. To provide appropriate statistical software (e.g. SPSS, STATA, R, Eviews) including other tools for statistical analysis and data treatment;
  3. To organize learning activities that would broaden the knowledge of students, faculty researchers, and instructors on the concepts of statistics, statistical software, including analysis and interpretation;
  4. To conduct researches that would contribute to the advancement of the university’s statistical knowledge and capability;
  5. To ensure the generation of accurate and timely data and analysis;
  6. To formulate standards and guidelines concerning the generation of high-quality statistics;
  7. To compile generated data for repository as a possible resource for future researchers;
  8. To plan and enact programs toward the sustainable improvement of skills and competencies of statistical center personnel; and
  9. To establish linkages with private and/or public institutions for a broadened pool of resources in statistical services and research formulation.