Cashiering Unit QEHS Objectives



The unit is committed to ensure that all cash collected shall be expended or utilized in accordance with laws and regulations. They are safeguarded against illegal or improper disposition to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in its operations.

1.1   Facilitate quick collection of tuition fees, assessments and other fees, and accurately issue official receipt every time in three minutes per client, and deposit daily to government servicing bank.

1.2   Pay out obligations due to employees and other clients within the required time.

1.3   Prepare and submit daily, monthly and quarterly reports as required on time.

1.4   Record by pen daily transactions.

1.5   Secure not only cash resources, but also documents, accountable forms and properties under the care of the office.

1.6   Adhere not only to circulars and memoranda issued by the university and national government agencies, but also the COA Training Handbook on Cash Management and   Control System, which provides the accountable officers a ready reference on the            different laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the use of different funds; on            receipts, collections, and deposits; and on expenditures and disbursements and the   control mechanism over them.

1.7   Practice proper segregation of trash.

1.8   Strictly obey energy achieve conservation policies.

1.9   Accomplish zero injuries and illnesses through prevention and risk reduction in the performance of duties and in the delivery of service.