Supply and Property Management Unit QEHS Objectives



1.1         Achieve 100% accuracy and completeness in the receiving of the deliveries of goods and services from Suppliers as per specifications;

1.2         Maintain orderly and systematic acceptance and warehousing of goods, protecting and safekeeping inventories against theft, fire and detonation;

1.3         Maintain accurate inventory records and control to ensure that correct goods and services are issued as requested by end-users;

1.4         Maintain complete recording and systematic transfer of custodianship of property from one end-user to another;

1.5         Achieve 100% accuracy in checking the integrity of property custodianship through systematic physical count;

1.6         Ensure that the government recovers fair return from the disposal of unserviceable property;

1.7         Achieve 100% timely and accurate submission of report as required by the administration and other offices.

1.8         Committed to continually improve its services compliant to the statutory and regulatory requirements for the utmost satisfaction of its valued clients and suppliers.

1.9         The office seeks to secure the healthy and safe working conditions to prevent injury and health of its employees, students, guest and suppliers.

1.10      Seeks to reduce the impact to the environment of the different equipment issued to the other employees through monitoring their estimated useful life.

1.11      Ensures the proper handling of hazardous materials with the review and issuance of safety data sheets for the information and safety of the personnel.

1.12      Information dissemination for the awareness of personnel on the emergency preparedness of the office the university.

1.13      Identification and assessment of risks and different job hazards of personnel and providing the necessary action to address the problems.