GAD Advocacy

Gender and Development is a development perspective that seeks to achieve the equality of both women and men and their right to enjoy equal conditions realizing their full human potential as active agents of societal progress. This perspective also focuses on the ability    to   analyze    the    socio-economic, political, cultural and psychological implications of an issue to understand how the difference between  the  sexes  affects  and  is  affected  by  policies, programs and  projects.  It  assesses  how  these  factors relate  to  discrimination  based  on  sex  and  how  they impose  obstacles  to  a  person’s  opportunities  and  self-development. It is through standpoint that this office confirms its advocacy to this support Gender-Mainstreaming on Gender-Responsive Curricular Program (GRCP), Gender-Responsive Research Program (GRRP), Gender-Responsive Extension Program (GREP), and other GAD-related programs, activities and projects in the University.