Extension Extension Agenda Services


The Tarlac State University aims to be a champion in community development by strengthening partnerships with public and private organizations and individuals and offering relevant extension programs in line with the University’s academic program offerings, expertise, and resources. All of these are geared towards human security, sustainable communities, and inclusive nation-building. 

University Extension Agenda Possible Extension Areas 

Quality Education and Human Capacity Development 

Literacy; numeracy; educational reforms and innovation skills development; value formation and restoration; personality development; continuing education; professional development 
Food Security, Good Health and Nutrition  Reproductive health; family planning; maternal health; child care; promotion of healthy lifestyle; disease prevention; drug discovery; ICT for health; mental health; health service delivery; food safety; functional foods  

Promotion of Language, Arts, History and Culture 

Cultural awareness and preservation; tourism

Technology Promotion and Advancement 

Transportation solutions; clean and renewable energy; ICT; infrastructure 

Economic Growth and Enterprise Development   Manufacturing; food production and processing; business planning; industry development; financial literacy; regulatory compliance; global competitiveness 
Good Governance  and Promotion of Human Rights, Equality, Justice and Peace   Policy recommendation; ICT for governance; gender and development; indigenous peoples; advocacies against discrimination, violence and crime; legal services 
Environmental Protection, Climate Change Adaptation, and Disaster Risk Reduction   Management of natural resources and environment; ICT for disaster risk reduction; risk assessment; policy recommendation