The Research Management and Capacity Building Unit (RMCBU), under the University Research Office (URO), is primarily tasked to manage researches from conceptualization to finished research paper and provide the necessary retooling needed by researchers of the university. 

Specific Functions

The RMCBU is expected to perform the following functions:

1. To coordinate with College Research Representative in planning and organization of research activities in their respective areas of concern;

2. To plan and conduct capacity building, seminars, workshops, round table discussions, lectures and/or short- term courses in research;

3. To consolidate and schedule in-house reviews for research proposals;

4. To process funding requirements both for all research activities and materials;

5. To monitor the implementation of workplans for approved and on-going researches in coordination with College Research Chairpersons;

6. To coordinate with TDTCO for possible research commercialization, copyright, and/or patenting;

7. To ensure researches have RERC certificates; and

8. To assist the URO director in the preparation of policies, guidelines, work plans and reports