The Research Publication and Information Communications Unit (RPICU) of the University Research Office will primarily function to manage all completed researches of the university for publication and information dissemination.

Specific Functions

The following are the specific functions of the RPICU:

1. To coordinate with College Research Representative in the monitoring of finished research paper for continuance to conference presentation and/or publication;

2. To aid the researches in their publication needs;

3. To ensure that all researches have RERC certificates;

4. To process funding requirements for presentation, publication and claims of incentives;

5. To monitor all publications of researchers; 

6. To monitor the citations of published researches;

7. To qualify the journal publications if it is a TSU recognized journal or CHED accredited journal;

8. To prepare the Inquest research Journal for publication;

9. To plan and conduct conferences for research dissemination;

10. To establish linkages with other institutions; and

11. To help the URO Director in the preparation of policies, guidelines, work plans, and reports