CGAD Center for Gender Studies

Center for Gender Studies 

TSU Research Direction


“Research Readiness Towards Development and Competitiveness in the Asia Pacific Region by 2020”


GAD Framework:


The Center for Gender Studies Research (Research) – with its suggested theme “Gender Sensitivity, Awareness, Equality and  Promotion through Research and Research Activities” – aims to:

Respond to the research needs that are in line with the Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development, 1995-2025; 

Expedite the conduct of studies about Gender-related concerns/issues among the purported Vulnerable Groups, Indigenous Women and girls, and other marginalized sectors in education; 

Strengthen the research-culture of the University along Gender Sensitivity and Awareness by facilitating Colloquia/Workshops that will either develop or enhance the research capacity of one and all;

Educate continuously both the Academe and Administration through the Documentation/ Archives of completed researches and publications;

Assess the quality of impact of ongoing GAD-related studies/projects over the University and local community;

Review protocols that will protect the rights and welfare of research participants and to ensure that research-studies are conducted in an ethical manner;

Consult periodically with TSU-URO with matters pertaining to the Conduct and Monitoring of ongoing GAD-related studies/projects;

Harmonize Gender-Responsive Research Program with GAD Planning and Budgeting