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Dr. Erwin P. Lacanlale

Vice President for Academic Affairs

(045) 606-8115

Dr. Marlon V. Gamido

Vice President for Administration and Finance

(045) 606-8112

Dr. Armee N. Rosel

Vice President for Research and Extension Services

(045) 606-8111

Dr. Niño B. Corpuz

Vice President for Planning and Quality Assurance

(045) 606-8116

Dr. Brigido B. Corpuz

Executive Assistant

(045) 606-8120

Ms. Aurelia S. Valencia

University and Board Secretary

(045) 606-8121

Prof. Jonathan A. Gabriel

Director, Internal Audit Services

(045) 606-8122

Dr. Heidilyn V. Gamido

Director, Management Information Systems

(045) 606-8127

Ms. Jazzel Llaneli M. Manabat

Director, Public Affairs and Information

(045) 606-8123

Dr. Brendalyn A. Manzano

Dean, College of Arts and Social Sciences

(045) 606-8171

Prof. Fabian P. Seguira

Dean, College of Business and Accountancy

(045) 606-8172

Dr. Miriam S. Galvez

Dean, College of Engineering and Technology

(045) 606-8175

Dr. Alvincent E. Danganan

Dean, College of Computer Studies

(045) 606-8173

Dr. Jasper Jay N. Mendoza

Dean, College of Teacher Education

(045) 606-8174

Prof. Mary Jane N. Rigor

Dean, College of Science

(045) 606-8178

Dr. Edwin T. Caoleng

Dean, College of Public Administration and Governance

(045) 606-8177

Ar. Garry M. Advento

Dean, College of Architecture and Fine Arts

(045) 606-8170

Dr. Theodore M. Timpac

Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education

0925 877 5125

Atty. Jose I. Dela Rama, Jr.

Dean, School of Law

(045) 606-8176

Prof. Gherold C. Benitez

Dean, Student Affairs and Services

(045) 606-8130

Engr. Consolacion S. Lagman

Director, Admission and Registration

(045) 606-8182

Ms. Cynthia M. Bognot

Director, Library Management Service

(045) 606-8138

Prof. Louis Adonis G. Silvestre

Director, National Service Training Program

(045) 606-8181

Dr. Winston F. Abalos

Director, Alumni Affairs

(045) 606-8141

Dr. Jasper Jay N. Mendoza

Director, International Affairs

(045) 606-8180

Prof. Edjie M. De Los Reyes

Director, Research

(045) 606-8190

Engr. Emir Lenard SF. Sicangco

Director, Extension Services

(045) 606-8191

Engr. Emir Lenard SF. Sicangco

Director, Technology Development, Transfer and Commercialization

(045) 606-8193

Dr. Lea B. Milan

Director, Food Technology and Research Center


Dr. Rita E. Pulmano

Director, Gender and Development

(045) 606-8196

Dr. Jay R. Pabustan

Director, Office of Planning, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

(045) 606-8126

Dr. Julieta M. Lagasca

Director, Quality Management System

Dr. Ma. Socorro D. Valdez

Director, Quality Assurance

(045) 606-8124

Ms. Winniefe F. Gutierrez

Director, Administrative Services

(045) 606-8154

Mr. John Erwin C. Panlilio

Chief Administrative Officer, Finance

(045) 606-8150

Engr. Pedro G. Suerte Felipe, Jr.

Director, Business Affairs and Auxiliary Services

(045) 606-8153

Ar. Ferdinand S. Valencia

Director, Facilities and Development Management

(045) 606-8158

Mr. Marlon C. Dela Cruz

Director, Human Resource Development and Management

(045) 606-8155