International Affairs About

            The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Its main function is to take charge of transnational education programs in consonance with the requirements of the Commission on Higher Education and execute international faculty and student exchange programs and short-term special programs for foreign students.

           The Office acts as the principal point of contact for the international students prior to their arrival at the Tarlac State University.  It deals with all international matters within the University and provides support to international students in adjusting to living in Tarlac, Philippines and studying at TSU. 

           The OIA is also responsible for advising international students on all matters relating to their application, admission, fees, immigration, student visas, special study permits, enrolment, arrival services, programs and activities, conduct and discipline, and health services.

Programs and Services

1. Transnational Education Program (TNE)

According to definition of UNESCO/Council of Europe Code of Good Practice in the Provision of Transnational Education, the TNE Program includes: “all types of higher education study program, or sets of courses of study, or educational services (including those of distance education) in which the learners are located in a country different from the one where the awarding institution is based. Such program may belong to the education system of a State different from the State in which it operates, or may operate independently of any national education system.”          

Courses Offered:

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Doctor of Education in Educational Management

Doctor of Public Administration

Master of Business Administration with a different field of specialization

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a different field of specialization


2. International Short Term Special Programs

  • English Language Proficiency Program
  • Filipino Language Proficiency Program
  • Philippine Study Visit Program
  • Other Language Proficiency Program


3. International Exchange Programs

A.    International Faculty and Student Mobility Programs

  • Deployment of faculty offshore
  • Provide assistance to students in an exchange program offshore
  • Facilitate the attendance of faculty members or staff as participants or paper presenters in international forum/conference/seminar
  • Facilitate in international research collaboration between the University, offices or colleges and international academic institutions or organizations

 B.     International Academic and Curriculum Exchange Programs

  • Academic program exchange or collaboration
  • Research collaboration
  • International conferences and workshops
  • Visiting faculty


4. International Assistance Program

  • Renewal, extension and conversion of visa of foreign students
  • Special study permit of foreign students
  • Study Tour