College of Engineering and Technology Overview


College Goals

The College of Engineering and Technology aims to develop and produce professional engineers and technologist imbued with desirable work ethics, leadership and entrepreneurial capability with the necessary knowledge and skills for them to become globally competitive and productive citizens of the country   

College Objectives

To produce technically trained professionals who could lend support to:

a. The design and construction of buildings, transport systems, geotechnical and other civil structures:
b. The design, development, production, and operation of machines and devices;
c. The design, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems and apparatus related to the generation and utilization of electrical energy for commercial and industrial purposes, and;
d. The design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of men, materials, and equipment for industrial applications.
e. The design, manufacture, fabrication and analysis of semiconductors and other electronic circuits and/or devices, understand and apply the concepts of broadcasting, telecommunications and signal processing in industrial and commercial applications.
f. To develop and offer training programs responsive to the specific needs of industries for technicians and skilled workers and relevant technology programs for supervisory and managerial positions.

OBE Framework