About Alumni Affairs

The Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) was established in 1995 during the term of Dr. Rodolfo Y. Baking in order to ensure the smooth and proper coordination between the alumni and administration of the University. In 1998, when Dr. Dolores G. Matias became the University President, the AAO was transferred to the Office of the Vice President for Development and Public Affairs under the supervision of the then Vice President, Dr. Noel H. Mallari. Shortly, this office was renamed and the AAO was under the Office of the Vice President for Planning, Research and Extension (VP-PRE) where all matters on external affairs of the University were facilitated. 

At present, the Alumni Affairs Office is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Linkages and External Affairs and is headed by its director Prof. Fabian P. Seguira. The Office is mandated to serve as the link between alumni and the administration and to strengthen the utmost support, participation and commitment of Tarlac State University’s various graduates.

The Office is also engaged in the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Update the alumni database.
  • Coordinate with the TSUAAI members.
  • Facilitate the holding of the Alumni Homecoming and reunions at least once a year
  • Post alumni news/articles on the University website
  • Organize alumni chapters overseas in coordination with TSUAAI
  • Conduct an annual recognition of alumni achievers.