Scholarship Unit Overview


Message from the Unit Head

The scholarship program at Tarlac State University is the response to the President’s call to empower the poor but deserving students and to bring them into the mainstream of the government’s development agenda. The University Scholarship office does not only aspire to convey the importance of education in the consciousness of the rural folks but also intends to provide them the necessary resources to pursue higher learning. This we believe will lead them to eventually assume the greater task of human of nation building and to effectively participate in the country’s economic activities.

Indeed, there is no better way of protecting the poor from becoming vulnerable victims of opportunism than providing them the basic ammunition against educational inadequacy. The strength of any nation lies with its people, whose success depends on proper education.

It is sincerely hoped that with the untiring dedication, enthusiasm and competence of the director and the staff of the office, we will be able to develop a pool of well educated, technically equipped and properly motivated graduates who will assume the cudgels of continuing the pursuit of education. It is also expected that scholars once graduated will serve as agents of change that will catalyze that improvement of the economic and social status of the beneficiaries, their families and the community where they live.

Head, Scholarship Unit