Admissions Scholarships

The Student Scholarship Unit

The Student Scholarship Unit is under the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA), a service unit of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The office is mandated to provide services related to student scholarships awarded either by the university or other government and private agencies as well as individual philanthropists.


Assists the University solicit scholarships or grants for undergraduate students;

Assists the funding agencies pre-screen applicants and/or monitor the academic and billing status of qualified applicants.

Assists the scholars/grantees facilitate the processing of relevant documents and;

Coordinates with the office of the University Registrar (OUR) in the preparation of enrolment and grade reports of grantees and with the Assessment and Billing Office (ABO) in the preparation of student bills to be forwarded to funding agencies or philanthropists.

The University Scholarships

The University provides various scholarships and grants to enable deserving students’ access and complete their education in the University.

The Scholarships and grants offered by the University include:

Honorific (Entrance) Scholarship – given to high school graduates entering college with discounts as follows:

  1. Valedictorian- full cost of tuition fee.
  2. Salutatorian – half cost of tuition fee.

University Scholarship ( full cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees) – given to students with grade point average of 1.45 or better with no failing grade, no incomplete in any subject with full academic load as prescribed by the course curriculum and of good moral character.

College Scholarship ( half cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees) – given to students with grade point average of 1.46 to 1.75, with no failing grade, no incomplete in any subject with full academic load as prescribed by the course and of good moral character.

Other scholarships and privileges - 100% tuition and miscellaneous fees to the following:

  1. Members of the National Commission on Indigenous people.
  2. Student Leaders such as SSC officers and Governors in each college.
  3. TSU Board of Regents
  4. TSU Performing Arts
  5. Investment Scholarship Funds (ISF)
  6. Athletics
  7. Gold Medalist – full cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees
  8. Silver Medalist – 75% cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees
  9. Bronze Medalist – 50% cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees
  10. Editor-in-Chief (University Publication) – 100% cost of tuition fee.
  11. ROTC Cadette Officer – 100% cost of tuition fee
  12. Dependent Children of TSU Faculty/Personnel – 100% full cost of tuition fee.

Government Scholarships

Various government agencies also provide academic grants to students in the university. The applicants to these scholarships are screened by the concerned government agencies and the lists of qualified applicants are later forwarded to the university.

Below is a rundown, thus:

A. Scholarship through CHED student applicants may visit the student scholarship unit for the criteria and requirements.

  1. DND-CHED-PASUC Study Grant Program
  2. Full Merit
  3. Half Merit
  4. National Scholarship Program
  5. One-Town-One Scholar
  6. Student Assistance for Education (SAFE) for scholarship
  7. Scholarship Program for Indigenous and Ethnic People (SP-IEP)
  8. CHED Congressional District Scholarship Program
  9. CHED State Scholarship Program
  10. CHED Senate Scholarship Program
  11. Study Grant Program for the Dependent Children of the PNP Personnel
  12. Study Grant Program for the Senior Citizens or Elderly Persons
  13. CIBAC Party List
  14. BUTIL Party List
  15. DOST-SEI Scholarship
  16. GSIS Scholarship Program
  17. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration for Development Scholarship Program (OWWA – EDSP)

B. Local Government Scholarship Program

  1. Tarlac City Government Scholarship Program
  2. Local Government Unit of Camiling Scholarship Program
  3. Local Government Unit of Sta. Ignacia Scholarship Grant
  4. Private Sponsored Scholarship

Students in the university are also granted scholarship by private institutions. Some of these are:

  1. Tarlac People’s Economic Council Foundation, Inc.
  2. Tarlac Lions Club Scholarship Program
  3. THS Batch ’60 Scholarship Program
  4. THS Batch ’63 Scholarship Program
  5. UNISON Co Memorial Scholarship Foundation
  6. Esperanza Paz Scholarship Program
  7. Aguman Capampangan Australia
  8. S.P.Q. Scholarship Program
  9. C.P.Q. Scholarship Program
  10. Engr. Eddie and Nina David Scholarship Program
  11. GELIO Scholarship Program
  12. Bernarda Pascual Scholarship Program
  13. SM Foundation, Inc.
  14. Student Assistantship
  15. SEEDS Program of Jollibee Food Corporation
  16. General Requirements:
  17. College Entrance Exam Test Result
  18. NCAE Result
  19. Report Card
  20. Live Birth Certificate of the applicant, NSO certified
  21. ITR of Parents or Tax Exemption Certificate from BIR

How to avail Scholarships/ Grants

Students interested to avail in any of the TSU Scholarships/Grants are advised to visit the Student Scholarship Office at least 2 weeks before enrolment for them to determine the requirements apart from the above mentioned.

For more information, please see or write us at Scholarship Unit, Office of Student Affairs Tarlac State University, Tarlac City, Tarlac or you may call at (045)982- 0041.