Message VP for Research and Extension Services

Message from the Vice President

Dr. Rosel

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam
(I will either find a way or make one.)

This apothegm best articulates the culture within the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension Services, through the University’s researchers and extensionists, for research and extension are imperative. Research and extension provides solutions and alternatives to the conundrums that we faced, we are facing, and we will face as a community. This is the very core of the existence of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension Services in the University.

This office provides strategic direction and leadership in the University’s purpose to serve as a catalyst for inclusive growth by developing a rigorous program of faculty research and creative accomplishments and engaging communities in the adoption and utilization of University-developed technologies and other worthwhile activities geared towards economic transformation.

Under this arm of the University, there are four offices and one committee that are united towards the realization of this mission:

  1. University Research Office (URO): It oversees the conduct of research activities along the priority areas of the University in line with the institutional and national goals for the improvement of the quality of the people towards global competitiveness.
  2. University Extension Services Office (UESO): It facilitates and enhances the University’s collaboration with the public and private entities for the purpose of moving communities towards sustainable development through sharing of resources, skills, expertise, and knowledge.
  3. Gender and Development Office (GAD): It initiates development programs towards the promotion of gender responsiveness to institutional plans in accordance with the Philippine plan for Gender Responsive Development.
  4. Technology Development, Transfer and Commercialization Office (TDTCO): It acts as the repository of all research outputs with potential for commercialization, technology transfer, and intellectual property protection.
  5. Research Ethics Review Committee (RERC): It provides ethical review on research proposals that use human participants.

Gone are the days that we let a printed research age with its brownish leaves and collected dust particles and be confined within the four nooks of the library. It is high time that we go beyond the words and do the necessary actions about and above these words. That is when we put justice to the compendium of words within a research paper. That is when we start to put real meaning into doing research, innovation, and extension. The moment we put motion into these words is the moment we begin our mission.

This is the Tarlac State University’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension Services.

Vice President, Research and Extension Services