Research Overview



The State Universities and Colleges of the Republic of the Philippines are mandated by their respective charters to execute and perform the following functions: Instructions, Research, Extension, and Production, which are considered interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

Tarlac State University (TSU) is at the heart of Tarlac Province and is at the vantage point of development work.  Research and Development (R&D) has been emphasized as a tool to achieve the goals for national development and global competitiveness. 

TSU as part of its mission is to become a premier research institution by enhancing research undertakings in the fields of technology and sciences and strengthening collaboration with local and international institutions.

Research being an important function of the university, and as such, the faculty who are qualified to conduct research, whether singly or in teams, are encouraged and given every opportunity and support to pursue research work in their areas of competence.

In this regard, the University Research Office (URO) has been restructured by virtue of BOR resolution no. 14 series of 2020 to oversee, coordinate, consolidate, and operationalize the conduct of research activities along the priority areas of the university.    

Currently, the URO is composed of the Research Management and Capacity Building Unit (RMCBU), Research Publication and Information Communications Unit (RPICU), Analytical Testing Laboratory and Natural Products Research Center (ATLNPRC), University Research Statistical Center (URSC), and the Center for Tarlaqueño Studies (CTS).

The RMCBU is primarily tasked to supervise researches from conceptualization to finished research papers and provide retooling services to researchers of the university.

The RPICU, on the other hand, is in charge of overseeing finished research papers for their presentation and publications to TSU recognized journals or CHED accredited journals.

The ATLNPRC provides services relating to water analysis in terms of physico-chemical and microbiological analysis both for internal and external clients.

The URSC was created to primarily provide statistical consultancy and related support services to researchers, students, faculty members, and even external clienteles. 

The CTS serves as the principal venue of the Province of Tarlac on historical and cultural materials.  The center is also responsible in the maintenance of the University Museum on Tarlac Studies.