College of Public Administration and Governance Overview


The College of Public Administration shall provide a comprehensive range of quality public administration programs and services which aims to advance the study and practice of public administration and to produce professionals in the discipline, economy, politics, education, public service and other related disciplines for local, national and global development.


  1. To lead in the continuing professionalization of public administration through the provision of relevant instruction, training and service.
  2. To provide quality education at the bachelor, master and doctorate levels.
  3. To conduct research designed to advance and enhance both theory and practice of public administration as well as in the other related fields.
  4. To advocate, safeguard and preserve the integrity of public administration as a field of discipline and profession.
  5. To encourage committed participation in research - based community outreach programs and other extension activities.
  6. To establish functional linkages with organizations and institutions in support of instruction, research,   extension and production functions.
  7. To produce professionals in public administration equipped with knowledge, technical skills.