The Analytical Testing Laboratory and Natural Products Research Center (ATLNPRC) serves as the venue for the discovery and development of drugs and food supplements from natural sources and provide testing services to internal and external clients to assess water and food quality. The ATLNPRC is guided by the following functions

  1. To provide laboratory services at a cost to external clientele such as water refilling stations and other industries that require testing for their products and process control;
  2. To be a research center for working and learning researches that is directed to analytical determination;
  3. To conduct research and development activities to enhance the quality of researches in the different areas of chemistry, environmental science, and food technology;
  4. To become a place of training, catering to BS Chemistry, BS Environmental Management, and BS Food Technology students through hands-on analytical experiments and research;
  5. To undertake the promotion and preservation of the health of the people and raise the health standards of individuals and communities throughout the Philippines specifically by providing analytical services and monitoring of drinking water from various sources in Tarlac Province and Region III;
  6. To provide analytical services and monitoring of wastewater from various industries in Tarlac and Region III; and
  7. To encourage promote and develop scientific research on traditional and alternative health care systems using endemic plants in the region that have direct impact on public health care.


Attached in the center is a microbiology laboratory that shall have the following functions:

  1. To perform microbial analysis of food and water samples sent by internal and external clients; and
  2. To aid students and faculty researchers in the microbial analysis of their respective researches