Integrated Management System of the University

Date posted: 02/10/2016

               After the landmark Institutional Accreditation in December 2015, the Tarlac State University is preparing for the TSU Integrated Management System (IMS) for CY 2016. This is another step forwards the attainment of our ultimate vision to be a premier University in the Asia Pacific. Included in the Integrated Management System are the various Certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

                To facilitate the attainment of these internationally-recognized quality assurance Certifications, the following attachments are hereby required to be fully disseminated to all TSU stakeholders for their information, understanding, compliance, support, and cooperation; 1) Training Calendar for the Integrated Management System, 2) Organizational Structure of the TSU Occupational Health Safety Environment, 3) Gap Analysis Report – Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System (EMS/OHSAS) 4) Gap Analysis – Quality Management System (QMS). For more and detailed information about the TSU Integrated Management System, Please contact the Planning and Development Office or Quality Assurance Office immediately.

                The TSU Institutional Family and its various stakeholders are again called for to provide their valuable contributions to the fulfillment of these new goals the Tarlac State University has set itself to fervently achieve. God bless you and God bless the Tarlac State University.